Badly drawn boy

I suppose for no other reason than research I ought to have listened to some of the music produced by this band. However, the title has absolutely no link to them other than as a collection of words.

My thoughts for today are more to do with the idea that no matter what may assault our minds regarding the frailties of our flesh, none of us are badly drawn.

Central to the core of all that I am is the belief in a Creator, this invariably affects my thinking and the way that I process through life. I fully understand that it is not a given that even the majority hold to this view any more but at the root of my being resides this carefully reasoned out belief.

It would not be an understatement to say that this belief has been challenged and shaken at various points throughout my short existence but I always return to certain unshakeables.

With that as a precursor, the thought that rolled over my mind as I rolled over in bed to face the morning sunshine has added to the white blank page a vague outline.

For all of my life I have lived with constant change, this type of life was a real challenge to my new bride all of those years ago but she has become quite adept at it now. Most of us crave stability and will do anything that it takes to maintain it. I too have rooted certain things as unchangeable, like location and schooling for our kids. That isn’t to say we have not considered moving at several times of our lives.

The one area of evolution that I firmly believe in is within us as people.

I never wanted to remain the same person for my whole life. Those things that were so important to the twenty years old me are no longer even on the radar, and that is as it should be.

The difficult part of changing is the change.

Were re-sit my driving test I would probably fail, those little habits that become ingrained over time would not pass the examiner although not dangerous or illegal. And so over time there are characteristics and habits that need readjusted to move forward into the next part of our lives.

With wide angled lenses I can see that this has been happening, the page doesn’t always need to become clear to create a new image. A skilful artist can cover a ropey tattoo with a work of art. Many of the old masters have hidden originals under the layers of oil that were totally unknown. The original image is still present but has been superseded by something of infinitely greater beauty.

We are not badly drawn, we just become smudged and faded with time.

For me, the thought that the artist is willing to freshen me up again and repaint this tired old image into something that can once again be fit for public display, is thrilling today.



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