Recovering sceptic

It seems that today is a new day of hope for me.

I have been floundering around for so long and whilst out walking in the winter sunshine something clicked into place.

So many people in my generation are supposed to be getting to the point where we at least have the basics sorted. Whether it is sn upward osmosis from the younger generation, or simply that we have abandoned critical thought in favour of social media, we are just not that together.

I envy my 20 year old self with his assuredness and confidence. There was little that moved mr from my firmly held convictions on many subjects. I was a sponge for learning and infinitely hopeful for the future.

Perhaps it is the march of time that breeds cynicism. We see see too much, read to much, and experience the realities of a egocentrical world where the imbalances only grow.

That is not who I envisioned myself being at this age!

Today, however, there dropped a seed of hope. There is the possibility of recovery.

Recovery of hope, recovery of vision, recovery of a future where the negativity and gloom can be changed.

Here’s to a new day…..we need not wait until 11.59 on December the 31st.

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