Live and don’t learn

Live and don’t learn It can’t just be me, I had expected that by a certain age (this one) there would be phrases which would no longer escape my lips. Apparently not! “I fell off my bike,” Yes those actually were my first uttered words today. I am 43 for goodness sake, I don’t... Read more »
October 4, 2016

Thorn in my side

Thorn in my side Somewhat rashly I announced on Monday as we drove home the if I get a puncture on my newly purchased bike, “it is getting tossed into the canal.” My eleven year old daughter is still a little gullible with such things but I was convincing enough that she believed me... Read more »
August 4, 2016


Contrary I really can’t decide if I am contrary, fickle, undecided or just downright crazy! Being a one car family with kids can present the odd difficulty. It isn’t that they are demanding or want us to be their personal limo service, generally speaking they are happy to walk most places... Read more »
August 2, 2016