Backsliding Skiing has never been one of my sports, it ranks up there with football, running, beach volleyball, basketball, anything involving a ball, racket, bat or club. I like sledging! When we were first married my sister in law had booked a skiing holiday to Europe somewhere and wanted to get... Read more »
August 3, 2016


Neighbours   Living where we do there are no shortage of noise sources. In the thirteen years that we have resided here our neighbours have changed only once on either side. With the exception of a four week period two years ago they have remained totally silent to us. The property... Read more »
May 10, 2016

Believe it

Believe it   You can do it! I am a third generation house renovator. My grandfather bought two cottages and made them into a family home at a time when that was completely unknown; he added extentions and built outhouses and a garage, my gran still lives in that house and has... Read more »
October 19, 2015