Snow in summer

Snow in summer   It’s not here, but it is summer somewhere. Seven weeks ago the odds against a white Christmas in the UK were huge, it just doesn’t happen very often. This was most frustrating for the junior members of our family but not so much for us, our Christmas eve trip... Read more »
February 17, 2016

When the music fades

When the music fades   It is a funny kind of no man’s land that I presently occupy. There has been a whole month of Christmas music, both on the household streaming service and on the Smooth Christmas radio station. For four weeks this dedicated channel appears on our digital radio and supplies us... Read more »
December 28, 2015

It’s beginning to….

It’s beginning to…. Global warming is really starting to take it’s toll. Personally I blame Bing Crosby, it wasn’t really his fault that his White Christmas song has been so enduringly popular. That however doesn’t help as it has been playing along with all of the other favourites espousing the wonders of the... Read more »
December 21, 2015

Christmas Elf

Christmas Elf I am grateful that our kids were too old to get involved with the little red spy that has crept into the homes of so many in recent years. I find it strangely ironic in a culture which is obsessed with privacy and almost neurotic about being spied upon by... Read more »
December 16, 2015