The sand of a dozen beaches

The sand of a dozen beaches There is something deeply satisfying about slipping your bare feet into your deck shoes and feeling the sand on the skin of your soles. For the last ten years my pattern has been very simple, around the last week in June I make my way to our local sports outlet... Read more »
September 24, 2016

What makes a good weekend?

What makes a good weekend? When we were children the first couple of hours at school were occupied with writing our ‘news.’ Even just saying that conjures up the smell of the green lined jotter. We had to write at least a page and a half describing what we had done over the weekend and... Read more »
August 1, 2016

Arrested development

Arrested development   Why are we so afraid to stop? We listen to the relentless pressure of life that comes at us in wave after wave, telling us to be fitter, smarter, richer, happier, or thinner. To aim for promotion, our destiny, bigger car and house, fancier holidays, nicer clothes or watches.... Read more »
May 31, 2016

Nothings gonna stop us

Nothings gonna stop us Suddenly it’s 1987 again! Drifting across the silence of my workplace before the buzz of productivity begins comes the the strains of possibility. The breakfast show hosts have ceased from their inane yabbering for a few minutes as this golden oldie flashes my mind back to a moment in time.... Read more »
May 12, 2016

Solar wages

Solar wages   There is something quietly pleasing about being paid whilst the sun gently warms your bones. I always liked the idea of sitting on a dock selling boat tours or showing properties in the Caribbean or St Moritz. The positive benefits of vitamin d have long been known to improve... Read more »
May 9, 2016

Mid life or Later

Mid life or Later Not now but soon. I would love to be a procrastinator but I really can’t be bothered! That’s not strictly true, it isn’t something that people would immediately think if my name was mentioned. Deep down there are wonderful reserves of laziness that may someday find their way to the... Read more »
December 12, 2015