Hit the road

Hit the road Two hours before the sun would don his hat or even break the Eastern horizon I was motoring... Read more »
January 8, 2017

Don’t let a memory break your heart

Don’t let a memory break your heart The silently flashing alarm signified that I had unwittingly turned the volume of my waker upper down. Thankfully it was still within the bounds of practicable reality to reach work on time. Breathing was returning to normality when I turned the ignition key ten minutes later. With that turn the... Read more »
October 20, 2016

Live your dream

Live your dream What would you do if someone gave you the opportunity to fulfil your long held dream? In 2009 that is exactly what happened to Ed Wardle. He had already successfully climbed Everest, and was a producer and cameraman of some experience. Since childhood he had longed to try surviving alone... Read more »
August 21, 2016

What makes a good weekend?

What makes a good weekend? When we were children the first couple of hours at school were occupied with writing our ‘news.’ Even just saying that conjures up the smell of the green lined jotter. We had to write at least a page and a half describing what we had done over the weekend and... Read more »
August 1, 2016


365 364 days have passed since I was last in this position. Age has never bothered me, I can’t think of a single number that has come and gone that arrived with any dread. 18, 21, 30 and even 40 all passed without any real fuss on my part. I had... Read more »
July 23, 2016

A blissful end.

A blissful end.   There are only perhaps 3 hours of daylight left of this day. Given that is after 7pm that is pretty acceptable. In the balmy Caribbean it would be dark already, that was something of a revelation the first time I visited, it was light and then without much warning... Read more »
June 3, 2016

It’s still good

It’s still good   Perhaps it was a self fulfilling prophecy as my friend suggested. It was increasingly apparent from the growing patch in the corner of our bathroom that there was a problem somewhere above. I had scrutinised it from below and concluded that something was seriously amiss with one of the... Read more »
May 30, 2016


People   I love our house at the close of a sunny day. It is slightly hazy now but there is enough sunlight to cast a very pleasing shadow all along the western side of our building. Right about now all across our nation in every town and city there will... Read more »
May 6, 2016

Forever young

Forever young Right now on the radio there is someone murdering this brilliant song, I am tempted to call NASA to have them shot into space. I am becoming increasingly intolerant of poor music, I realise that it is a matter of taste as well but this current trend of howling your... Read more »
January 15, 2016