Vapour Everyone without exception from Barons to sports mums, coal miners, hobby painters and me share a commonality. We live...we... Read more »
March 30, 2017


Hope Suddenly the clouds parted….as the sun slowly broke the darkness in the far off Eastern sky, looking Westward a patch of glorious blue appeared and with it, the hope of a better day. It wasn’t yet seven am but the morning was already warm, the remnants of the Southern wind... Read more »
September 7, 2016

Arrested development

Arrested development   Why are we so afraid to stop? We listen to the relentless pressure of life that comes at us in wave after wave, telling us to be fitter, smarter, richer, happier, or thinner. To aim for promotion, our destiny, bigger car and house, fancier holidays, nicer clothes or watches.... Read more »
May 31, 2016

Foot off the brakes!

Foot off the brakes!   You may remember Baz Luhrmann advising us to “look after your knees because you will miss them when they are gone.” He was quoting from the well known speech to graduating college students. There are many things that we don’t miss until they are gone, among them for me... Read more »
May 8, 2016

Its a wonderful……

Its a wonderful……   What is this thing we call life? I have always found the 35 minute summation of a person at their funeral to somewhat inadequate.  I know we can’t sit for hours listening to recollections and memorable moments from each person there, but there is something that just doesn’t quite... Read more »
December 18, 2015

Step into your life.

Step into your life. Standing beside a road watching a point of no particular interest on the other side. Eight lanes of speeding traffic zip past, divided by a thin strip of concrete in the centre. Tons of speeding steel and plastic charging on like migrating wildebeest to who knows where. Who is leading,... Read more »
December 17, 2015

Teeth rattled.

Teeth rattled. Today was a two cup morning! Usually Sunday a night sleep isn’t a good one, but I had been so deeply asleep the house could have collapsed around me. I would be coming to surrounded by piles of rubble and a 100 years of coal fire dust from the attic... Read more »
December 7, 2015