Its a wonderful……

Its a wonderful……   What is this thing we call life? I have always found the 35 minute summation of a person at their funeral to somewhat inadequate.  I know we can’t sit for hours listening to recollections and memorable moments from each person there, but there is something that just doesn’t quite... Read more »
December 18, 2015

Step into your life.

Step into your life. Standing beside a road watching a point of no particular interest on the other side. Eight lanes of speeding traffic zip past, divided by a thin strip of concrete in the centre. Tons of speeding steel and plastic charging on like migrating wildebeest to who knows where. Who is leading,... Read more »
December 17, 2015

Highway of regret

Highway of regret   Twenty years ago at a youth development programme I was asked what two words would describe me; “no regrets,” was my reply. Since then that has been the way in which I have tried to live, like Frank Sinatra, with “too few to mention.” Obviously there have been a... Read more »
November 9, 2015

Be yourself

The ultimate joy of life is to be yourself. Oscar Wilde famously said, “be yourself, everyone else is already taken.” It is easier to take a statement like this from someone who so flamboyantly and wholeheartedly lived it. A prolific journalist, playwright, author and poet; he was, for a time... Read more »
October 28, 2015