Don’t let a memory break your heart

Don’t let a memory break your heart The silently flashing alarm signified that I had unwittingly turned the volume of my waker upper down. Thankfully it was still within the bounds of practicable reality to reach work on time. Breathing was returning to normality when I turned the ignition key ten minutes later. With that turn the... Read more »
October 20, 2016

Live and don’t learn

Live and don’t learn It can’t just be me, I had expected that by a certain age (this one) there would be phrases which would no longer escape my lips. Apparently not! “I fell off my bike,” Yes those actually were my first uttered words today. I am 43 for goodness sake, I don’t... Read more »
October 4, 2016

Faded glory

Faded glory Everything about this image speaks to my soul in ways that I cannot fully explain. Some of you will be looking at the picture and will be feeling the spiders webs draping across your forehead. The smell will be musty and old, your hay fever will will twitching as your... Read more »
September 22, 2016

Live your dream

Live your dream What would you do if someone gave you the opportunity to fulfil your long held dream? In 2009 that is exactly what happened to Ed Wardle. He had already successfully climbed Everest, and was a producer and cameraman of some experience. Since childhood he had longed to try surviving alone... Read more »
August 21, 2016


Stronger “You are stronger than you think you are now,” this line from the new Mike Posner song came ringing from the car stereo tonight as I somewhat vacantly drove past the golden wheat fields. I do love this time of year as the wheat turns from green to gold. There... Read more »
August 11, 2016

What is normal anyway?

What is normal anyway?   Normality is such a subjective concept that it is next to impossible to legislate one single bench mark to measure against. For the last two weeks my own personal idea of what normal is has been thrown up in the air. A conversation with my doctor exposed the danger... Read more »
April 19, 2016

Sadness has a face

Sadness has a face   We finally got around to watching Inside out at the weekend. It used to be the case that we were first in line with any animated movie but the march of time has lowered the appeal of them in the eyes of our kids. My son and I are... Read more »
February 22, 2016

The darkness

The darkness Ok, here goes! After a year of making really good progress with this confounded illness I have just come through one of the worst weeks ever. There is absolutely no accounting for how or when it creeps up on you, it is like some sleeping giant that appears from under... Read more »
February 7, 2016

Foot commute

Foot commute How can something as insignificant as a toe nail cause so much pain? At the turn of the year my wife joined the gym, I took the tour with her and listened to the instructor with enough enthusiasm that he mistook it for a double membership. I informed him that... Read more »
January 20, 2016

Teeth rattled.

Teeth rattled. Today was a two cup morning! Usually Sunday a night sleep isn’t a good one, but I had been so deeply asleep the house could have collapsed around me. I would be coming to surrounded by piles of rubble and a 100 years of coal fire dust from the attic... Read more »
December 7, 2015