Forgetting My own forgeterry is improving as the years tick by while my rememberry is getting... Read more »
November 8, 2016

Wars will be wars

Wars will be wars Sitting on the comfort and warmth of my little roof terrace this morning, far from any conflict or gunfire it is difficult to relate. I could pontificate about the futility of it all as yesterday 32 billion pounds was allocated by our government to replace the Trident fleet of submarines.... Read more »
July 19, 2016

Choose your battles

Choose your battles   He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight. Sun Tzu In the late summer of 1941 after a resounding rout of large swathes of Northern European the mighty Hitler made a world changing decision. He had proudly stated of Russia that, “if you kicked... Read more »
February 25, 2016