365 364 days have passed since I was last in this position. Age has never bothered me, I can’t think of a single number that has come and gone that arrived with any dread. 18, 21, 30 and even 40 all passed without any real fuss on my part. I had... Read more »
July 23, 2016

You have got to make it a good day.

You have got to make it a good day. It’s 5:30 am and he is ridiculously cheerful as he passes with a “mornin mate.” He doesn’t need to add the ‘good’ to it because that is his default anyway. I am reading a book at the moment that my wife gave to me. She had been saying that she... Read more »
June 15, 2016

A blissful end.

A blissful end.   There are only perhaps 3 hours of daylight left of this day. Given that is after 7pm that is pretty acceptable. In the balmy Caribbean it would be dark already, that was something of a revelation the first time I visited, it was light and then without much warning... Read more »
June 3, 2016


Empowerment In every leadership situation of life we have basically two choices, ¬†empowerment or despotic control. Having experienced both throughout my short existence on this planet I am in no doubt about which of the two is preferable. Early on in our experience as parents we took the decision that we... Read more »
May 22, 2016

Running the race

Running the race Having sporty children in an interesting concept. I spent most of my childhood charging around our towns and villages to all hours on whatever form of transport was available. My bike was the preferred option unless we were on a cross country mission that involved fences and streams. It never... Read more »
December 15, 2015