When crossing the car park is “all things.”

When crossing the car park is “all things.” It really couldn’t have been worse. It was six fifteen on a cold January morning. The drive in was uneventful but the huge puddles betrayed a night of downpours now ceased. Pulling into the car park for the first time in over four weeks was with mixed feelings, it was... Read more »
January 9, 2017


Power What is it that makes four grown men stand in silence staring? Well it wasn’t a female! It was rain. Not just any old rain to be fair. We live in Scotland so we are no strangers to precipitation. We get a plethora of varieties in our small corner of... Read more »
July 20, 2016


Unexpected It was a covers over the head and cuddle a soft leg kind of morning today. The forecasts had warned us with great enthusiasm of the impending storm, we had rapidly progressed to defcom amber for severity and medium anxiety. The “be prepared’ song from the film Hoodwinked tends to... Read more »
January 29, 2016

Sorry, not in service.

Sorry, not in service.   It seems that our public transportation people don’t want us to leave town today before 7am. I mean, I really don’t want to either, but there is a certain requirement within my employment contract that requires me to arrive before seven in order to not be there on a... Read more »
January 27, 2016

It’s beginning to….

It’s beginning to…. Global warming is really starting to take it’s toll. Personally I blame Bing Crosby, it wasn’t really his fault that his White Christmas song has been so enduringly popular. That however doesn’t help as it has been playing along with all of the other favourites espousing the wonders of the... Read more »
December 21, 2015

When a man loves a woman.

When a man loves a woman. Torrential rain is always a challenge. The weather today was like being in a rainforest without the trees, heat and exotic animals. It was just cold and wet. Very wet. Our old property isn’t a fan of the excessive water that the Victorian roof allows to flow down into the... Read more »
November 29, 2015